About Steady Steppers

The Steady Steppers Dance Institute, founded on April 1st 2003 and headquartered in Detroit (MI) by two aspiring and passionate dancers, Kammal Smith and Larry Collins, is a multi-faceted dance organization. As co-founders and lead instructors, Kammal, Larry and their knowledgeable and talented instructional staff are well known and respected for their teaching, overall dance skills and interpersonal skills.  Their purpose is to promote  urban partnered/couple and line dance across this nation to all that show an interest and desire to learn dance.  Our organization has been locally and nationally recognized as dance instructors and dance promoters.  Additionally, we have functioned as judges in dance competitions where several dance art forms are represented. The Steady Steppers vision and mission is to provide an affordable environment of dance where all styles of dance are recognized, respected and appreciated without prejudice.

There are six (6) unique ‘arms’ of this organization:

•  Promoters of the Vegas Jam National Dance Convention Weekend e.g. the Vegas Jam

•  Presenters of Educational Marketing Classes

•  Chicago Step Instructional Classes

•  Chicago Step Instructional DVD’s

•  Chicago Step Instructional Workshop

•  Steady Steppers Dance Troupe

In 2011, 2005 and 2004 we were recipients of the Spirit of Detroit Award from the Detroit City Council for improving the quality of life through dance in Detroit.  In 2010 we were voted the #1 Best Stepping Class on ChiStepper.com; in 2009 voted the #2 Top Stepping Promoter on ChiStepper.com; and in 2008 voted the #2 Stepping Organization of the Year on ChiStepper.com.