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The name of this ballroom dance, Chicago Stepping, translates into a balance of smoothness, appearance, finesse, originality, partnered synchronization, style, movement, showmanship, combinations and footwork on the dance floor. The Steady Steppers instructional DVD’s are intended for the beginner to the accomplished Stepper that want to enhance their understanding and repertoire of what they can achieve on the dance floor. Don’t be deterred – you can learn how to achieve all of this flavor, balance and more!

Our product strengths are (1) that our videos specialize in ‘leadable’ movements and combinations that “real people” can use in “real” social settings, (2) we provide an abundant amount of material to keep you busy for a long time and (3) we employ an easy to learn “follow the leader” approach where you can stand in front of your TV and emulate what we do. Our goal is to allow you to learn at the same speed that the DVD plays – to minimize rewinding and pausing. We don’t want you to stop the video to “figure out” what’s being done. Enjoy!

Stock No. 101 Basic Instruction Volume 1 – $25:

Learn the basics of the Step, which provides the foundation of the left foot lead for ‘Followers’. Your competence and confidence will grow as you progress through the instructions which explain elements of the dance, feet positioning, hand positioning, body positioning and floor etiquette. Kammal and Larry teach the ‘Followers’ elements of the dance step-by-step, one movement at time. Everything is carefully explained and demonstrated in an easy to watch and implementation format so that you can practice the movements as you look into your TV. Volume 2 introduces the ‘Leader’ into the partnered execution of the dance.

Stock No. 201 Partnered Dancing, Male Lead, Initial Address Volume 2 – $25:

Learn the (1) ‘Leaders’ right foot lead, (2) partnered dancing from the movements in Volume 1 and the (3) initial address.  Kammal and Larry provide a number of drills where the ‘Follower’ moves through the lane as the ‘Leader’ blocks, opens, closes and crosses the lane in the execution of the dance.  Everything is carefully explained and demonstrated for both the ‘Follower’ and the ‘Leader’ in an easy to watch and implementation format so that you practice the movements and drills as you look into your TV.  Mastering the techniques shown in this instructional video should provide you with a level of comfort as you Step with your partner on the dance floor. Volumes 1 and 2 compliment each other as the learning’s from Volume 1 are ‘brought to life’ in Volume 2.

Stock No. 301 Intermediate Movements and Combinations Volume 3 – $30:

Learn partnered movements like the ‘pitty-pat’, ‘hammer lock’, the butterfly, ‘roll out/roll back’ and other movements and how you can incorporate these movements into different partnered combinations. Larry and Kammal carefully explain and demonstrate each of these intermediate moves and combinations for both the ‘Follower’ and the ‘Leader’ in an easy to watch and implementation format so that you practice the movements and drills as you and your partner look into your TV. Your confidence while rise as you master these techniques and your Steppin’ skills will be enhanced.

Stock No. 401 Basic Trios Volume 4 (2 Volume Set) – $40:

Learn the basics of trios while Stepping. Larry and Kammal instruct and demonstrate how the partners switch lanes, switch sides and perform turns in synchronization. Trio rules are carefully explained so that as the three move in precision on the dance floor, crowds will cheer. NOTE: This is a 2-DVD set.

Stock No. 501 Progressive Movements & Combinations Volume 5 – $30:

Learn our transitional movements and combinations. We have taken the learning’s from all of our DVD’s and put together numbered transitional movements (#1, #2, #3, etc.) and S-named combinations (Sarong, Sweetness, Sachet, etc.) that can be danced on the ‘club’ or ‘competition’ dance floor. Bonus material includes a 6-count/8-count discussion and alternative starts.

Stock No. 601 Progressive Movements & Combinations Volume 6 – $30:

Volume 6 continues in the mode of bringing you more material that you can use in ‘lead and follow’ on the club or competition dance floor. And you do want more material, right? These are not choreographed routines with a partner that is also trained in the choreography but instead, different movements, combinations, turns and spins that you can mix and match to enhance your particular style or to develop your own style.

Stock No. SPK – Starter Package Kit Volumes 1, 2 and 3 – $70 ($10 Savings)

Stock No. CPK – Complete Package Kit Includes Volumes 1-6 – $160

Stock No. PPK – Progessive Package Kit Volumes 5 & 6 – $50 ($10 Savings):

Note: Our instructional DVD’s are recorded in a DVD-R format (minus R recordable DVD).

DVD-R’s will play on 90% of DVD players less than a year old. If your player is older than a year, there is a 50/50 chance that it will play without any skips, hesitations or fragmentation. It does not matter how expensive of a DVD player that you have. Some DVD players will play some of the disc fine and then some of the disc will skip, hesitate or fragment. What matters is if the manufacturer of your DVD player included the software to play the DVD-R format. If you feel that any of our disc’s are bad, we ask that you test it at any Audio/Video store on a DVD-R player. This will confirm if either your player is DVD-R compatible or that the disc is no good. In the event of a determined ‘bad’ disc, upon return the disc to us we will either (1) replace the disc with another or (2) replace the disc with a VHS tape.The Purchaser should and is encouraged to consult his/her physician for his/her approval before any physical activity associated with the use of the purchased DVD(s). The Purchaser shall not hold liable, indemnify, protect and defend The Steady Steppers organization harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses including without limitation, attorney’s fees asserted against, incurred or suffered by The Steady Steppers resulting from the willful misconduct or non-willful misconduct or negligence of the Purchaser in the use of the purchased DVD’s now or at anytime in the future.